Indeed we are the chocolates we eat!

Here is my chocolate wrapper that ended up as evening gown for my selfie girl tea-bag-art ! Created on a used-tea bag with watercolors and a chocolate wrapper cutout.

Have you noticed the similarity between a chocolate and a selfie?

Yes both give you feel-good vibes!

Chocolates are these small sweet something’s we all crave for!

Indeed we are the chocolates we eat!

Candy or chocolates have a subtle sense similar to its taste, they often endow us with that fleeting spike of pleasure, at times guilty or elusive or even bittersweet just like an impossible love affair. Similar to butterflies in stomach as you fall in love, all over again but this time with the delicious chocolates!!

For chocolate lovers the life experience is a smorgasbord of tasty delights – but they would rather move with contentment savouring one delectable chocolate piece at a time rather than gorge on all of it at once.

Do share your views on chocolates and tea bag art in the comments below.


Paintings on Used Tea Bags @ Pondicherry

Pondicherry Beach Inspired Art

Despite having traveled to South India many times, every time I travel I find something mesmerizing! With lush green backwaters, beautiful beaches and architectural wonders!

If you are looking for beaches, culture, history, yummy food and friendly locals, Pondicherry is simply perfect. It has everything!

Pondicherry, or Puducherry, is better known as the French Riviera of the East, and is a quaint little town with abundant French influence. Pondicherry has significantly retained its own world charm with a small part of it still prevalent with colonial French style buildings in vibrant pastel shades of yellow, blue and green.

This tiny Indian Territory, Pondicherry will surprise you with its abundant lazy beaches, heritage buildings, culture of amazing French and European cuisine and ‘Auroville’. Indeed, our trip to Pondicherry was a fulfilling and enlightening experience!

Below I draw some inspiration recalling a fresh landscape from our recent trip to Pondicherry.  It is made on un-used tea bag, so the background color remains white to depict the characteristic crystal clear sky of Beach at Pondicherry.

To Reach A Port We Must Set Sail

Sail- Not Tie At Anchor

Sail, Not Drift.

– Franklin D. Roosevelt

Chunnambar backwaters at Pondicherry are a must-visit for fun-lovers including photographers, sports-lovers and even families outing for pleasure. You will see wide expanse of the clean backwaters and their under-stream currents assuring you that the backwaters and the paradise beach are heaven.  The ride through Chunnambar backwaters is surely full of amazement while the biggest spectacle waits on the other side of the backwaters.

Find below my loved tea bag art, inspired by the tiny birds feasting at the Paradise Beach, Pondicherry.

As you approach closer to the paradise beach, you can also see the point where the backwaters and the sea meet each other!  Excitement reaches to its zenith when you get the first glimpse of the paradise beach. This point is said to be the perfect fishing ground because in these you find tiny sea birds gorging on the creepy-crawlies left behind by the waves.

My First Attempt at Coffee Art

Each one of us has at some point of time gotten accidentally splashed with the beverage we are drinking and instantly worried about how we will remove the stains. While the beverage’s staining power has ruined our shirts artists have found a new canvas!

Tea and coffee have been used since ancient times as a medium for painting. As a monochromatic medium coffee imparts specific hues required for painting your objects of interest. The art of painting with coffee has roots deeper than you might think. Today artists use this fragrant drink to create real masterpieces.  Though the technique of coffee painting is very simple and similar to that used for painting with watercolors it requires lot of practice to use different tone of coffee for a truly unique effect.

Sharing with you my first attempt at coffee painting.

(Though of course, I intend to practice the art and there is a lot of scope for me to improve at it with inspiration from the modern day artists.)

Creativity is Just Connecting Things – Steve Jobs.

My Creative Musings with Used Teabags

About to run out of paper I started looking for a medium to put my watercolors on! I discovered the art of recycling old used beautiful tea bags. Since I drink a lot of hot tea, it is always an effort to feel the teabag in hand and then throw it in the bin. Used tea bags are great source of manure for the flower beds in our gardens. Used tea bags are a Eco-friendly choice similar to paper to make art. It always pained me to throw way the used tea bags. Now that I discovered a good way to use them, as a base for art, I am feeling happy in these existential times. Existential times we really are living in, with the virus going nowhere!!

Used teabags make great canvas. They are one of the best forms of recycled art! When I googled art on used tea bags I found many inspirations online. Most significantly Ruby Silvious is a great artist from whom I derived a lot of inspiration.

My daughters insisted on drinking Green Tea for health benefits and thus a few months back begun my affair with tea. I like all kinds of tea.

After steeping the tea, I just toss the tea bag onto a plate kept on the kitchen counter. The tea bags dries out a little which makes it easier to clean. I rinse it and hang it for a while before putting it on a flat surface to dry out. Alternatively you can squeeze used wet tea bag and allow it to dry , when completely dry open up the tea bag and find the lovely markings on it from the concentrated tea. Ease out the staple open at the top near the folds and pour the dry tea leaves out, separate at the seam down the middle and smooth it out.

My Inspiration – Tea Point at Pondicherry

I love to work in watercolor and acrylic creating tiny treasures on tea bags. Used tea bags are versatile and now as I begin my journey creating ‘One Of A Kind’ paintings on recycled tea bags, I am experimenting a lot. I plan to experiment more with mixed media and incorporate it in my tea bags designs.

I hope you will be inspired by what I do…….

Mask is an essential addition to our lifestyle. With Covid-19 making its mark prominently throughout the world, being masked is a new way of life. Created using used tea bags, watercolors and some acrylic paint, the above painting points at hidden faces, unseen tears and unknown fears…..

Changing to this critical new behavior, is for our own good. What are your thoughts on wearing masks during COVID-19 pandemic? Share your Thoughts in the comments below!!